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Google Play Services Update Introduces new Text API and Android Mobile Vision

Android Mobile Vision

Google brings back Android Mobile Vision API along with the all new Text API with the latest update for Google Play Services. Developers are excited to have Android Mobile Vision API support back , which was introduced almost an year ago but later removed for some reason. These APIs provide a whole new world of possibilities for Android developers making it easier than ever to implement technologies like face detection and text recognition right into their apps. The update also includes fix for the existing download issue.

Android Mobile Vision APIs

Face API

The Face API makes it easy to find and track human faces in images and video streams , which can even track positions of facial landmarks. The API can be leveraged to obtain information about the state of facial features like – Is the subject smiling? Are their eyes open?

Barcode API

The **Barcode API **helps to scan barcodes in real time in any orientation which is capable of detecting multiple barcodes at once.

The Text API allows text recognition in any Latin based language from any orientation. With its ability to preserve the structure of the recognised text , including photographs and lines, the API can easily automate the tedious process of data entry such as credit card information.

Awareness API

Awareness API utilises two other API’s called Fence and Snapshot to make the apps aware of the context. It allows the apps to get information on your daily activities like the time your leave for work and your sleep. The apps can also predict your activities at a specific time of the day and provide relevant information.
It may sound creepy as the developers now have access to your personal info at a greater reach but on the bright side we’ve these truly personal applications serving us better every time. If you’re still concerned about your privacy, you can always turn off the app’s access to Awareness API ,thanks to the granular permissions feature available on Android Marshmallow and above.

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