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Top 10 Small and Fun Games to Pass Time

Bored? Not much to do in your free time? Here are some small (<25 MB) offline games to spend time happily.

1.Okay? – (19 MB)

A simple puzzle game where all you have to do is flick a ball to clear the board. Sounds and graphics are both pretty beautiful. A really fun game that will surely keep you occupied for a long time.

 Okay?- screenshot
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2.Cube Escape Series – (10-20 MB)

Simply one of the best escape puzzle games you’ll ever see. There are about 6-8 games in this series by Rusty Lake, all of them are awesome.The main objective of game is to find clues and to escape from the situation you are put in. The satisfaction you get from finishing one of these is truly one of a kind.

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3.Infinity Loop – (4 MB)

All you have to do in this is rearrange the pipes to form a closed loop.A simple, relaxing and endless game.

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4.That Level Again 1&2 – (14 MB)

You play the same level over and over again with twists in each level (Interesting isn’t it?). This is a game that will surely leave a smile when you finish it. Must-play android game.

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5.Atomas – (11 MB)

This is a simple but challenging game. You add up elements to get even bigger elements. It’s an awesome feeling when you get some really big elements in the game, you’ll feel like a goddamn chemist 😀 (No Kidding!).
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6.Radiant Defense

Beautiful looking tower defense game in such a small package. Defend your base by building a foundation with a wide variety of weapons, traps and kill the invading aliens.

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7.Glow Hockey 2 – (10.6 MB)

It’s a game where you try to put the ball into the opponents goal. You can the play the game with an AI or with your friend. The AI level ranges from easy to hard and by hard they mean insanely hard (seriously). The neon lights are awesome to watch. A fun way to spend your time.

 Glow Hockey 2- screenshot
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8.2048 – (1.33 MB)

The classic puzzle game that has brought many people interested into the world of puzzles. All you got to do is add the similar tiles by colliding them and finally reach the number 2048. It’ll surely keep you worked up for hours and is a good time-pass game.

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9.Don’t tap the White Tile

The game that had pushed people to the limits of how fast one’s fingers can move.Formerly called Piano Tiles all you got to do is play your piano without tapping the white tile. Great game to challenge your friends to see who has the fastest fingers of em all.

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10.Colour Switch – (24MB)

You got to move the ball to the end through all the obstacles, the ball can only move through parts of the obstacle having the same colour. Seems simple enough, till you try it. Fun game to challenge with your friends.

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Have fun and stay tuned for more!