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I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh

The national bestseller I too had a love story is a pure blend of emotions like happiness, love and deep pain. The author Ravinder Singh has presented his true story so vividly that he makes the readers fall in love with the book only to cry in the end. I too had a love story is really a “feel good” novel and teaches the readers that the life is not so sweet as sugar ; a mixture of bitter, sweet, spicy and sourness.

Book Cover

The plot revolves around Ravin , a software engineer who is hailing from Orissa and the different incidents and circumstances that endures in his life. The book has a great head start; a reunion with with his college friends – Happy, Amardeep and Ramji. The excitement and thrill of that moment can be felt in the lines. That reunion made Ravin to open an account in a matrimonial site.

We’ve seen people falling in love by means of college, school, internet in films and other books. But this novel takes an unexpected route to make a bud of love bloom in Ravin’s heart –A matrimonial site. He receives an unexpected call from Khushi who contacted him by viewing his profile in the site.

The calls became frequent, then came up face to face meetings……getting full knowledge about each other and their relationship thus took a flight to the peak. Both Ravin and Khushi was sincere and very much cared for each other at times of happiness and sorrow yet clinging onto their very respected Indian values. In the midst of their love and dreams of living together very soon……A series of unexpected events unfolds portraying life is not so rosy as it seems.

I too had a love story is a must read for all the people in the teenage genre to adults and all those who love Indian writing to realize the ups and downs that can happen in ones life.