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How To Raise MMR- DOTA 2


First Step: Keep Calm and Play Dota

I do understand that one gets irritated if a teammate starts feeding or abuses you. If teammates starts feeding unintentionally, tell them politely what they have to do to avoid it. Raging at them would not do anything else other than demoralizing your own team. And whenever you die few times without any kills or less kills you need to apologize(also expect some incoming abuses but just remain calm). Show your power or skills through your actions instead of using words. After all it is just a game.


  1. Never try a new hero or a hero your have played only a few times in ranked mode. The secret to victory is to make your force unstoppable. Now the question is, how one can do that?
  2. You need to practice with a pool of heroes(max 6,I recommend 3) so that you come to understand all the weakness and advantages of those heroes. One of the main thing to do when you want to learn a carry is to learn last hitting being at lvl 1 without using any item(try this in demo mode). Watch how pros play ,check every bit of the things they do such as their last hitting technique, how they fake their last hitting or ability by using hold button, combo of skills they do, how they position themselves, how they lure enemies to traps etc. A hard carry generally needs 60 last hits within 10 mins. If you are not able to do keep practicing with bots until you reach your goal.

Understand the game and play accordingly

  1. What a <2k player thinks is that he knows all the game mechanics and counter to every enemy hero. But the thing is there’s always something new even for a 7k+ MMR player.
  2. Suppose there’s a invisible enemy hero, if you let him near you ,he’ll just get you down to his feet. Use sentries, dust etc. to earn gold by killing him instead of subconsciously thinking sentries to be costly. And there is no rule that carries should buy wards. Wards are for your team ,so if a support has no gold or is ignorant about it, you have to get it instead of asking others. Warding mid early game is an essential part of the game.
  3. Please do learn to pick supports. They are thought to be slaves, but they are the ones who do huge impacts to the team if played properly. They can screw your team like hell if they are abused. So, never stereotype your supports.
  4. One of the best way to own a ranked game is by playing as  a support. Buy wards ,smoke ,maybe a clarity ,share your tango etc. Ensure observer wards all the time. Also de-ward as soon as you see an enemy warding. Warding at right places can earn you more by preventing your team being ganked (money saved is money earned).

Learn to use hold

One can actually fool the enemy into thinking that he is gonna  cast a spell or last hit a creep. You have to definitely use hold if you are a mid laner. Also, there is a cast delay for every spell. Like if  you are playing AXE and then you blink in and then Beseker’s call…if you think you didn’t aim properly ,you can actually hold this spell to cast after getting into the right position or when you have to ultimate, the same thing can be done.

Pay attention to the spell animation

Like shallow grave of DAZZLE and OD’s 2nd  skill. Try out and observe shallow grave  carefully …there’s a ring on top which comes down slowly, when it reaches the ground the shallow grave ends. OD’s 2nd skill has an orange ring on the top as it shrinks and becomes a dot ,the unit inside it comes out. Like these there are many other spells. So, pay attention to all of it. When your teammate tp towards you from the fountain, give him the bottle because he still has the fountain aura which can fill you bottle. Or if you have a bottle ,you can heal your enemy twice with the bottle being full after you bottle your teammate. If you are playing TINKER, exchange bottles with your teammate(s) to get his bottle filled.

General Thinking

  1. By general thinking I mean to deduce things from what you see in the game. For eg. if all the enemies are missing from the map. It means that they are slaying ROSHAN or they are coming to gank your team. Report missing as soon as you find it out. If an enemy has used a spell, it means that they can’t cast it unless cool-down is over. So, if TIDE HUNTER ,ENIGMA etc. did cast their ulti ,you can go and wreck them.
  2. If it is difficult for your teammates to lane, get a smoke and gank the enemies. <2k MMR players never use smoke and It’s not necessary that support need to get smoke or dust. Ganking mid at possible times can increase you chance of winning by a lot.
  3. Always smoke when you are going to slay ROSHAN. Generally the winning team gets it, but if the losing team gets it they can actually turn the tide in their favor.
  4. Also, never fight for the aegis. The carry needs it. After getting the aegis don’t sit and jungle. You need to go out and fight being at the front.
  5. Don’t get aura items if they don’t stack. Remember you are not alone, but it’s a team of 5 players helping each other to win the match.
  6. Always check your enemy’s items , deduce what they are about to get. Buy items to counter them. Don’t use old builds instead choose the items according to the situation.
  7. Time your stun properly instead of all of your team stunning them at the same time. Don’t stun unless you can kill the enemy by your stun alone when the enemy is slowed down by you or your teammate.

When to play ranked games?

Never ever play ranked if you are on a losing streak.  If you are on a losing MMR streak…it means that you have reached your skill limit and you are not able to co-op up with the high MMR players. Start playing normal games now. Play like 60-100 normal games ,you will feel much better. Now return to ranked and check it out. You will be on a winning streak and might end up losing in between. If you start losing again ,repeat the above process. You cannot raise your MMR all of a sudden without practicing. It takes time to raise MMR , so give some time.

You might think learning these small things won’t affect you play style. But, these are used to differentiate a pro from a noob.


Always remember it’s just a game, you are playing it for fun and not for fighting with your teammates of friends. It’s our responsibility to give a welcoming look to a newbie and teaching them to play properly. Even pros were once noobs . It’s because of their dedication and skill they have become pros. In the end its always GG WP(good game well played).

Leave a comment if you have any questions! 🙂