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The Next-Gen Streaming App: HavFun

Whether it is a small kid or an adult, we all like to watch videos, isn’t it? Videos of all sorts are now our popular means to pass time. But often, crashing rates of data consumption while using applications like YouTube, Hotstar etc. refrain us from downloading videos. A group of young minds have generated an optimum solution for this problem – The HavFun app.


The thrill of videos can only be experienced via direct streaming or downloading using mobile data or WiFi which can be strenuous while watching and the huge data consumption can make a hole in our pocket. Some applications like YouTube have offline feature enabling us to watch our favourite videos later but people fail to realise that it swallows phone memory for saving the video. But, HavFun app uses** live hotspots** to stream videos without interruption.

How does HavFun app work?

Hotspot devices are set up in public gatherings like railway stations, airport, bus depots, metro trains and in all such locations where people are craving for a mean of entertainment to kill time during waiting and add colour to their journey.  Users who have downloaded the app can access these hotspots.

Each hotspot device is capable of serving around 100 people simultaneously without any clash. It offers 2000 hours of live streaming. Films, videos, even TV channels are available on the app for watching. It also has an added feature to watch new movies at less cost (sounds cool right..? :)).



  • Not even a single MB of data is lost.
  • Huge data consumption for the Ads during video which are often irritating to the users are not present here.

This application which can strike gold in the coming days is deviced by a*** Mutotack Technologies*** owned by a group of friends from the God’s own country.

The CEO, Mutotack Technologies announced that HavFun is expected to release on Google Play Store and secure a residing place in smartphones by the last week of July, 2016.

Just HaveFun!