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Jio SIM won't lock your sim slot

The latest buzz-feed of the town, Reliance Jio has become a tough competitor against all mobile telecom companies in the market. The tech-savvy among the people have been trying to get a Jio connection for its highly attractive offers that other mobile networking companies fail to provide. The astonishing free data plans, cheap voice calls has shook the crowd in recent days.

Its quite normal in the society to generate fake rumours about something that has been so captivating in a short span of time. So do the case of Jio SIM. One of the rumours circulating about Jio SIM is that it will** lock** your device after its been used, no other sim can be used on the same device. If it’s a dual SIM phone, it is claimed that it will lock the card slot that it was inserted into.

Jio sim will not lock your phone!

Fortunately the rumours prove to be wrong. Reliance Jio SIM is just like any other sim offered by other networks providers. It will not lockyour card slot and can switch back to whichever sim you wish.

And there’s nothing mentioned about it in the Reliance Jio Terms and Conditions.

Although the Jio sim card might be tied to your registered device using the IMEI number of your device but not the other way around.

Just a little knowledge to the layman, Reliance Jio SIM is LTE based (Long Term Evolution). Since this is a 4G SIM card, keep in mind that it will not function on 3G or 2G networks. Moreover, if you’re planning to use another SIM from another service provider i.e, 2G or 3G , in order to avoid problems, change the network type on your phone. To change the network type, Go to settings -> Network modes and change it from LTE to the desired mode to avoid ambiguities while using various connections.