How to Install HP Printer Drivers on Ubuntu

Wondering how to print stuff in your new linux environment? And got a driver CD along with printer for Windows?No worries, This article makes your life between your new OS to the next level.

Follow the steps, type in some commands into your terminal and you’re done. Just print away papers after this…!!

I’m using HP Laserjet Professional printer and the steps provided are according to installing a HP printer driver.

Some of the latest HP printers in the market are of “plug and play” mode, for those users just plug in their printer cable to your PC, select the plugged in printer and print as you wish. But for the earlier models of HP printers together with Ubuntu users, You need to install an open source software known as HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing).

1. Download HPLIP :

Go to this link and click on the tab “Download HPLIP”. The installation file has a considerable size, wait for sometime for the download to finish. After the download, check in your downloads folder that a file exists with a “.run” extension.

Screenshot from 2016-12-03 11-28-12

2. Open your Terminal:

Press  Ctrl+Alt+T for your terminal to open, or open it from your launcher. Type away the following commands. The version may change depending on when you’re reading this.


The XXXX in the change directory command denotes the folder to which you have saved the installation file from the website. And type the corresponding file name in the sh command. (It may be different for different users. just check..!).
You’ll receive messages like this given in the below pic.


To choose the automatic mode of installation, type in the following. (Hit Enter after each command to confirm)

enter your password

Take a while for the processing to finish. After each process, Read the dialogues in the terminal and type in the suitable i.e, y-yes, n-no.


After a while, a message comes up as in the above picture. To Remove and Install type i.
Type in y,n,i depending on your choices till the message “SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED”. Type r to restart the system.

After restarting , On your menu bar , a small blue colored hp icon will appear. Shows that your driver is perfectly installed and shortcut to hp device manager.


3. Download plugin:

Click on the blue icon. A dialogue box like this will appear.


Activate the radio button to download and install the plugin to make your driver fully functioning with the printer.After the installation, your printer is ready to use..!!