Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Tips, Tricks and Chat Codes

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is one of the best games ever developed. With over 5 million downloads, the game has evolved to be one of the most demanded one on android and iOS platforms. Mini Militia is all about intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players online and 12 players over local Wi-Fi.
Train with the Sarge and sharpen your skills in the offline modes in order to prepare yourself for the online warfare. Mini Militia offers you a wide range of weapons to choose, from the standard Uzi and Magnum to Laser and EMP guns. Grenades, mines and shields are another addition to your weaponry. A jetpack that recharges over time is also provided. The maps in the game are another awesome feature, each with its distinct characteristics. Upgrading to a pro pack would enable you to wield dual weapons and use certain guns which aren’t usually available (Laser, EMP, Sniper).

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Melee Attack: Most of the players ignore or rather underestimate the melee attack. This option is useful when the enemy is quite close to you. The attack offered through melee can be upgraded at the shop in exchange for some battle points.

  2. Grenades, gas and mines: These are quite handy in almost every situation. Throw a grenade at a group of enemies huddled together and earn some kills. The gas bomb is quite deadly. Using it at a spawn spot would definitely make the other players hate you but you get massive kills when the number of players are high. These are especially relevant to players who find it difficult to aim well.

  3. Crouching: Crouching can be used to reduce the damage caused by a grenade that fell somewhere near you (not directly on you).

  4. Investing in BP: BP (Battle Points) are a very big deal in this game. More points, the more upgrades you can buy. Earn BP by playing online.

  5. Regens: Regens help you to last longer. Boost regens and health regens should be bought from the shop using  BP because these are crucial for your survival as they replenish your health and boost.

  6. Chat: Typing long sentences while playing can be disturbing. In order to avoid that, make use of the chat codes that are already available.
    Some of them are:

    • BI – Bring It
    • LG – Lets Go,Yeah
    • RU – Ready Up
    • GS – Get Some
    • NN – Noooooooooooo
    • HH –  A perfect fighting machine
    • CM – Cover Me
    • CB – Come on Boy
    • MO –  Move Out
    • WP – You wanna piece of me!
    • GG – Good Game
    • NS – Nice Shot
    • GM – Oh, they got me!
  7. To improve your boost speed, melee while flying. Meleeing will give you an extra boost.

  8. Committing suicide when the health is quite low is much better than giving points to the other player for killing you.

Keep these in mind, play a lot and consequently you’ll get better and be promoted to higher ranks. Do let us know if these have helped you!

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