Corrupt files easily with this small file !

Ever watched a movie where a hacker just deletes or corrupts the whole system making it unusable. Scenes like those always motivated me to become an awesome programmer.  (Well I try my best :P)

This is your chance to be a bad ass. With this small software you can corrupt/destroy almost any program making it unusable completely.
Note: .txt files doesn’t work with this software

Step 1 : Download the software

Here are a few download links:

A Virus Total Scan to prove it’s safe.

If you are a programmer, well here is the C++ source code.

Step 2 : Copy the file onto you target file’s folder

Copy corrupt_me.exe to the same folder as the file to be corrupted.

![target-folder]( to target folder
### Step 3 : Open and Enter target file name

Open the file and enter the target file name with its extension.

![cli-interface]( the enter name of file to be corrupted
### Results:

Here are some corrupted files examples :

[![before-corrupting-doc](]( corrupting doc
[![after-corrupting-doc](]( corrupting doc
![before-corrupting-image]( corrupting image
[![after-corrupting-image](]( corrupting image
[![ppt-before-corrupting](]( corrupting ppt
[![corrupted-ppt](]( corrupting ppt
Comment below if there are any files which did not work for you. It’ll help me develop it better.

Have fun being a badass 😀

Also check out this github repo