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Arduino - Automatic Plant Watering System

Here we are with another Arduino project for the weekend!
Does watering your garden seems like a lot of work?  Spend this weekend building your own automatic plant watering system to take care of it. It’s really simple to make.

You can find the project files here

Things You’ll Need

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Soil moisture sensor
  3. Potentiometer (10kΩ)
  4. 5v Relay module
  5. A water pump or Solenoid valve

#### Where to find these

  1. UNO R3 Development Board
  2. Soil Moisture Sensor Module
  3. 10K Potentiometer
  4. Relay Module
  5. Mini Water Pump

#### Basic Setup

Arduino Code


In short what this circuit does is maintaining a minimum  moisture level in the soil. The constant level can be set using a potentiometer. The Arduino will monitor the present moisture and compares it with the constant level set. Whenever the moisture level falls below the threshold level the relay will be turned ON till the required moisture level is attained.
Pretty simple right? And as always you can tweak the code , make it better and share it without any restrictions.
Enjoy 🙂