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How to Play Age of Empires Online - Using GameRanger

Age of Empires is a series of strategy games developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Studios since 1997. The series includes: Rise of Rome, the Conquerors, Age of Kings, and The Asian Dynasties among others. Each game comes with the multiplayer option. At present, you are able to use a few third party websites which support the game in order to make use of the multiplayer facility. And one such method is to use GameRanger. GameRanger is a multiplayer online gaming for PC and Mac.

Given below is a detailed instruction on using GameRanger to play Age of Empires:

Step I: Downloading

Download GameRanger client from their website.

Step II: Installing and Creating an Account

Install it on your PC or Mac and create an account on GameRanger.
Create your account by choosing a username and password. Now, you’ve successfully joined the GameRanger community. You can change your username later on.

Step III: Locating Age of Empires Servers

Make sure you’ve the required game and then start GameRanger.
Check the list and choose any game you want to join provided you have the same game on your system.
For example, suppose you have Age of Empires: The Asian Dynasties. Then you can only join those rooms which are hosting this game. You can’t join Age of Empires: Rise of Rome etc or any other game for that matter.

The rooms with the green dots mean that the game is currently in session and you can’t join. So find a game and just enter the room. The host will decide the rest. People can freely come and go from a game room and you are able to kick users from your room if you are the host.

If you want to host a game, follow STEP IV.

Step IV: Hosting the Game

Choose the “Host” button in the GameRanger window.  Ctrl+G is the shortcut key for hosting.
Select the required settings and select OK. You’ll be redirected to your room.
Once you have the sufficient number of players in your room, select Start.
The game will load automatically and you’ll be redirected to the Multiplayer page in AOE where you can choose the game settings and begin the game.

NOTE: If anyone in the room has their name in italics it implies that there are some connection issues between their computer and yours. So, you can NEVER play with them even if you are in the same room. Usually, the guy ends up being kicked out. Secondly, everyone in the room should have the same version of the game.