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Agar.io - How to win big!

Agar.io is a simple, fun and addicting online game. All you have to do is become the biggest cell by eating the smaller ones either directly or by splitting in half. It’s fun when you start playing it.
Becoming the biggest cell in agario is much easier said than done. So here are some strategies and tips that’ll help you win big.

Attacking Strategies

1.Conservative play

This is the safest method to grow. All you do is roam around and eat until you find the best cells worth splitting for. You don’t split a lot and more than once. (conservative)
2.Reckless play

This is a pretty daring strategy. Either you win big or go down quick. Kinda like Do or Die. You split for almost anything that looks like good enough and stay away from enemies when you are in your weakened state.

You can bait other smaller cells by ejecting a small piece of mass as bait and eating them by splitting. Good strategy though may not work all the time.
4.Team play

This is a fun and easy way to grow quick and safely, that is, if you get a good teammate. One person splits and eats cells and feeds the other. Next the other splits and feeds you and this goes on. This tactic is pretty safe and powerful. With this you can take on cells much bigger than both of you and small mistakes can also be corrected. You can also team up with more than one person if all goes well.
5.‘Et tu, Brute?’ Betrayal tactic

This is a cold blooded tactic to win big quick. You team up with someone, grow bigger and when the time is right, you go on and eat your teammate. This makes you really big as your complete size is equal to both yours and your teammate’s mass. Easy was to get to the leaderboard, but cold hearted cheat.
6.The King

For this, you need to be really big already. This helps sustain your huge size without much risk. For this you team up with much smaller cells and make them big enough to eat some cells. Hopefully they’ll work as pawns, eat others and feed you. This is a win-win play for both of you as they get to become bigger from nothing easily.

Defensive Strategies

1.Predator becomes Prey

A good way to escape from someone who’s chasing you is by running onto someone who doesn’t care for you but would love to eat your chaser.
2.Hiding inside or behind Viruses

One of the basic escape strategy in the game and very efficient. Hiding inside can only be done when you are smaller than the virus.
3.Giving the slip

When being chased by a split cell, you can actually go through the split cell at the point of joining if you can position it correctly.
4.ZigZag escape

By moving in a zigzag motion when attacked through splitting you can potentially dodge the split and escape


  1. Viruses split on shooting it 7 times. You can use this offensively and defensively. Remember it’s the 7th shot that matters, things can turn around with the last shot.
  2. People with the same skin have a higher tendency to team up.
  3. When you are smaller, staying in a virus concentrated zone can be helpful. When you are big, just stay away from it.
  4. If you split a LOT, you can actually eat viruses if you are big enough.
  5. Sign in and play the game, gives you a huge starting advantage.
  6. Agario is a game of patience, keep your cool.

Hope these tricks help you win the game! If it did help you share this post, that’ll help someone else too 🙂