About Us

Are you a techie? Perhaps a keen reader. Or maybe someone who is in need of ideas to do cool stuff!

Well then, you’ve struck gold!** Code Rewritten** has it all. We offer you our take on trending tech topics, reviews on books, popular games and simple yet wonderful DIY projects to help you create something you can be proud of.

The topics we deal with are chosen with much care in order to enlighten the developing minds of our readers and to bring out your creativity. **Code Rewritten   **(Coderew) takes you on a tour through the vast arena of technology, games and books ranging from the trending and debated topics to the ones left unexplored. Like we have mentioned already, books and tech are what we deal with.

Coderew has been developed up by a quarto of friends who are “engineers in the making”. We are here to explore and express our views, thoughts and ideas for you to read and follow. We standby our tagline: “Words Rewritten, Ideas Redefined”.  We staunchly believe that sharing ideas rather than confining it to ourselves has a multiplying effect.

If you’ve got any suggestions (bouquets or brickbats) regarding anything on Coderew, do let us know at [email protected]