Goes Down Mysteriously

From avid gamers to the movie maniacs, torrent websites are certainly an inevitable part in their lives to sustain their passion. But now, it’s time for a huge blow on this young genre. , one of the ever favorite and world’s largest torrent website has declared its shutdown all of a sudden. This unexpected scenario is giving a strong hit to millions of users spread far and wide. The number of fans for this website grew day by day in exponential rate making it highly popular over its lifespan of 13 years. But the reason for its shutdown still remains a mystery.


Before 13 years……

Torrentz , a meta search engine ( a search tool that uses other search engines information to produce their own data) built for BiTorrent set its first foot into Internet.


Initially, launched with a simple user interface where the desired torrent files can be obtained by typing in keywords. Its simple outlook was the key to its popularity. It winned over  the hearts of teens, by becoming a pathway to outsource their favorite TV shows and movies.

At Present….

Before a couple of hours, without any prior notice or any sort of warnings, users searching for links found themselves that no longer those links were available. Even though the appearance of the site looked as earlier, its search functionality was disabled.

Moreover, all the content within the website is referring itself in “past tense” in this present moment. On opening the site it displays a melancholy message relieving its good times in these past years. A feeling of departure, missing etc. all instills in that text on site launch.

“Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines ”

Moreover, When people are trying to search something in the search bar, It displays yet another message with deepest emotions.

“Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.”


An emotional rollercoaster starts its take off in the minds of hardcore fans of Torrentz on reading this message. But a glimpse of concern and a goodbye assuring a return enthralls here.check out this article.

Lets hope that this legendary site will have a great comeback to bring back  the old smiling faces…!!

A word from Torrentz lovers:  We too love you..!! 🙂

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